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The current dynamic environment is driving us to adopt a more customer-centric approach that promotes state-of-the-art services for an unmatched customer experience and superior quality of life. Go Smart stands out as another feature supporting our mission. We pride ourselves as pioneers in offering unique living experience. Go Smart is cutting edge services providing customers with a one-stop-shop for unique innovative technology services offering superior entertainment, premium duality internet, and smart home services



Go Smart technology will take the SODIC signature lifestyle to an entirely new level

Soon enough, this advanced technology will be part of our customers’ everyday life. Go Smart technology solutions will certainly deliver a one-of-a-kind living experience building on SODlC’s commitment to providing first-class developments that meet and surpass customer’s expectations



Go Smart offers fully integrated end-to-end user-friendly and feature-rich services that can only be found in SODIC. It is built using the latest fiber optics infrastructure over which all units are connected. Our new services enable different solutions brought into play to realise the advantages of modern technologies. This creates infinite possibilities to our customers, helping improve their living experience



SODIC signed a strategic partnership with Vodafone capitalising on its advanced telecommunication services. This strategic collaboration will certainly bring unmatched high-tech services to SODlC’s customers. The new services are launched in SODIC West and will soon follow in all our projects

Tel: 01007786800 / 01227517085 / 01000065053