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Arco City Stars Compound 

كمبوند-لافند-6-اكتوبر-Lavande Arco Compound 6 October
Installments : up to 7.5 Years

LAVANDE is the French word for LAVANDER which we used to name our Province after as the main characteristic of our province is the lavender fields.
Lavender is native to the Old World and is found from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, Europe across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India.

ARCHITECTURE Modern French Key Elements
The style we refer to as French country was inspired by the elaborate décor found in homes of the French aristocrats. To give the country homes of the upper-class a less formal feel, the traditional styles were softened, making the lines less rigid and the overall feel of the home more rustic. The overall result was a country house that was relaxed and inviting, while retaining many of the delicate features of the French influence. The French country style of decorating is a very eclectic mix of warm color and natural metals.
The French provincial country style combines the best of old world elegance with comfortable interiors. With its roots in the sunny hillside of rural France where each province has its own colloquial style, French country architecture reflects a wealth of diversity. Old and new, Formal and informal elements are mixed in houses ranging from humble cottages and farm houses to Grande chateaux.
Common elements include tall, thin windows, often with slate–board shutters, steep roofs, multiple gables, and assorted curved arches. Stucco and stones are frequently used trimmed with painted timbers, window boxes, wrought iron railing and brick highlights around windows and doors. Inside, you’ll find wood beams, plaster walls and stone floors as common thematic features.
Inspired by the rural manor homes of the 1600s, French provincial homes are characterized by:
Balanced, symmetrical proportions.
Brick exterior.
Steep roofs, Tall second-story windows often with arched tops.
Porches with substantial balustrades are usually pretty simple, often arched, occasionally ornamented with side columns and some decorative masonry.
Chimneys are tall, rectangular, and slender.

  • The term (contemporary architecture) refers to today’s building styles, which are quite diverse and boast a wide array of influences.

  • (Modern) refers to the modernist architecture of the early and mid-20th century, an era of great change.

  • The true origins of lavender are unclear, but its qualities for both fragrance and healing properties have been recognized almost since the beginning of recorded civilization.

  • When Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened in 1922, 3,000 years after it was sealed, traces of lavender were found which still retained slight scent.

    Essence Of Province Homes

    Barbecue Area

    Enjoy a sunny day grilling in our specialty BBQ serviced area

    Bicycle and Jogging Lanes

    Kids’ Area

    A safe filled area for your kids to play and have fun. If you have some errands to run, it will be the safest place to leave your kids in as in home. Enjoy every moment of your time while your kids are safe and sound.


Surrounded by 6 October City main attractions and elite neighborhoods, Lavande is located right in front of El Gezeira Club and seconds away from Juhayna Square, Mall of Arabia and the upcoming Mall of Egypt.