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Capstone Residence sheikh Zayed city

Paragon Developments

About Paragon Capstone

Paragon Developments is a new real estate developer in the Egyptian market. Backed by RCH, a holding company with a construction track record since 1988, with landmarks created through its numerous distinctive developments in different parts of Egypt with a solid reputation in quality and delivery For over 30 years our determination has powered our growth and success. Catering to enhance the value of people’s lives and contribute to a better tomorrow, followed by the true

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Connotation of Paragon – a model of perfection, this ideology has been practically implemented in our standards of development In a positioning of its own, Paragon Developments focuses on creating high-end communities that cater to meet the emergent market demands. With an eye on details and precision, its state of the art developments redefine living standards by putting one’s desires and aspirations as a first priority.

Vision / Philosophy

At Paragon, our philosophy is to be a model of perfection that progresses in developments that are inspirational to its residents

We specialize in projects that require a delicate balance of precision in creation of distinctive developments and symbolic structures with timeless value, raising bar in the real estate market, derived from the organizations key values

excellence in quality, flawless designs, integrity in experience and cutting edge facilities. Boasting with know how skill and expertise in the field, Paragon offers in its developments an attractive lifetime investment that can be passed to future generations

Capstone Spirit

Inspired by Capstone’s true connotation — ‘the highest point launched by Paragon Developments, defines Cairo at its peak Promising a curated lifestyle coupled with exceptional views in one of Sheikh Zayed’s captivating locations. A home to a vast selection of residential models, presenting a range of exclusive opportunities to live a life characterized by unprecedented quality and flair

Welcome to Capstone Cliff Residence, combining a luxury experience and commitment to creating an exceptional standard of living.

With modern style of levelling in design, this extraordinary development is impeccably designed to accommodate a symmetry between residential units and landscapes,

portraying breathtaking views from the peak of Cairo – hence the one of a kind Cliff Residence

Capstone Cliff Residence, is a conventional development with unprecedented views a meticulously designed project with international quality standards


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Centrally Above it All

Crowning the heart of Sheikh Zayed city, situated centrally, at 220 meters above sea level, featuring the tranquility of urban indulgence and pristine landscapes, settles Capstone Cliff Residence.

Creating a flawless and harmonious balance – a true remedy to panoramic views – a view above it all, overlooking Cairo’s skyline with homes designed to allow a lifestyle that breaks the confines of glass and concrete – overseeing futuristic and breathtaking views Offering convenience at every level, with its strategic central location, accessibility is a key feature at Capstone Cliff Residence

A Curated Lifestyle

An Aperture For The Eye

Welcome to Capstone Cliff Residence, a life of indulgence and fascination – a home to an unconventional state-of-the-art residential development boasting panoramic views of the depth of Sheikh Zayed City and Cairo beyond.

Above and detached from the bustling clatter of the city presenting a sky scraping elevation, even higher than Cairo’s Tower

Embodying Paragon’s service philosophy, the residence will achieve unsurpassed standards of living within an effortless luxury and contemporary lifestyle within a perfect picture. Designed for an unrivaled experience for its residents with stunning views over the lush landscapes lined with palm trees set against the beautiful backdrop of Cairo’s skyline – where residents can choose to relax, retreat or socialize

Tel: 0100778680001066855502