City Edge Zayed Villas Etapa

About City EDGE  ETAPA El Shiekh Zayed 

We are introducing ( CED)  City Edge Developments as an Egyptian developer of suburban residential communities as well as mixed-use projects.


The partnership between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank,

We bring forward the quality products and best-in-class solutions,

Thanks to our shareholders decades-long experience in housing and development.

We are introducing progressive design concepts and infuse the real estate market with lucrative, luxurious and exceptional solutions.

We can say that ( CED) City Edge Developments is in charge of managing the National developments, and we create the new destinations in our country,

We start with New Alamein, New Capital and New Mansoura. We will be in charge of a set of interrelated tasks ,starting from the early stages of the projects to the after sales activities.

Our services will start with the financial standpoint extending from projects’ market and financial feasibility studies to sourcing seed funding to kick off the projects.

“ On the technical side” , we will handle the product review and construction project management.

Over and above, on the commercial side, we are willing to create projects’ branding, positioning, marketing tools and whole sales process with all edges; pricing, payment terms, sales plan, retail leasing and hospitality.

We will be responsible for everything after sales activities ranging Such as customer care& collection, handover and facility management.

We are at ( CED) City Edge Developments, focused on introducing a different level of opulent living that caters to the modern lifestyle.

( CED) City Edge Developments launched in 2018 with the objective of becoming the national brand for premium real estate developments in Egypt.

Through our flagship residential project, Etapa, and a distinctive commercial venture, we are looking to deliver, and maintain, a high level of change and functionality.

At ( CED) City Edge Developments, we foster the best atmosphere of creativity, empathy, and innovation to ensure each individual works in synergy with all values.

Through incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and employee value proposition, we are ensuring continuing delivery and an exceptional customer experience.

Backed by our shareholder resources and expertise in housing and development,

( CED) City Edge Developments is set to bring forward quality products and services to the industry.

( CED) City Edge Developments commitment to quality propels us to seek perfection in everything we do while building on the knowledge we’ve already acquired from existing shareholders.

( CED)  City Edge Developments Vision

Is to be the best national brand for premium real estate developments all over Egypt.

( CED) City Edge Developments Mission

( CED) City Edge Developments is building the best in class real estate solutions, offering the new ideas, and earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. 


City Edge Etapa Etapa Shikh Zayed ETA PA City EDGE

The concept driven from the belief that Nature and Cities can co-exist,

ETA PA brings a new residential concept with an authentic vision to the real estate scene in Shekih Zayed City.

 A new living concept that responds to those submerged in the modern life to immerse themselves into the physical beauty and the inherent unity of the natural world.

ETA PA is taking a leap of imagination in order to bring nature and city in one frame through innovative urban planning, unique architecture style, smart design choices, and the genuine community it aspires.

ETA PA is daring to ask how it would feel when your home becomes your daily getaway.

An opportunity to live a best life that is uncomplicated, detailed and True !

Master Plan

 Our Master Plan Inspired by its name (ETA PA)  ( Spanish word ) to Stages reacted in its land elevation,

Our residential project is laid out on 77 acres of land on a 22 meters higher platform than its surroundings allow residents to rise above it all.

 Compound City Edge ETA PA Shiekh Zayed is dedicating 84% of its building area to layers of greenery, parks, gardens, and other unique open spaces. With only 493 residential units on display,

 (ESZ ) ETA PA City Edge achieves an exclusive low density gated community with an array of amenities that adequately cater for its residents. 

City Edge ETA PA Smart ETA PA City EDGE

  The technology operating ETA PA is equipped with the most recent features and security methods.

 Street lighting, irrigation systems, security gates and surveillance cameras.

City Edge ETAPA Shiekh Zayed facility management at ETA PA ranges from looking after the landscapes, lifts, and parks to fixing the fence at your backyard making sure you have a hassle free life.

City Edge ETA PA Shiekh Zayed Security System

  The community is covered from every angle round The Hour.

Trained security personnel, surveillance cameras, and gated entrances

City Edge ETAPA Shiekh Zayed Tracks

Adding our bike and jogging lanes will only make the running and the cycling part of your daily system and bring you closer to a sustainable, greener life. 

Types Etapa Compound

Villa ( 381 & 286 )m – Twin villa ( 246 )m – Townhouse ( 296 )m

Mansio villa ( 230 )m – Duplex ( 216 )m – Apartment ( 153 & 240 )m

Tel: 01066855502