City Stars Compound New Futrue City Arco Egypt

City Stars Compound New Futrue City Arco Egypt Behind the word La Fontaine

La Fontaine is the French word for “The Fountain” which we used to name our Province as the main characteristic of our province we have found is that one of the relaxing sounds of nature is the tunes of water.

– Water has a singular power to stimulate the mind, primarily through sight and sound. Essential to life in landscape; water Triggers the mind and concentrates meanings. Its surface reflects the landscape it nourishes, increasing this communication the sound of water further augment meaning and reinforce the communication. The lapping wave, gurgling brook, thunder of waterfalls, splash of trout contribute to the power that water affords to mental images.

– The sight, sound, smell and feel of water on skin are stimuli that enrich a sensation of the place.

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About ARCO Philosophy City Stars

 ARCO is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market, primarily developing integrated residential, commercial real estate and resort projects. Founded in 2005 Arco has expanded its total investment to 20 billion EGP in less than 5 years.

Our developments are all over Egypt striving to achieve our objective to exceed the expectations of our clientele and contributing in the welfare of the community.

Vision City Stars 

The company resulted of a vision aiming to create self -sufficient communities through the utilization of integrated tools.

Presently, ARCO possesses one of the largest land banks in Egypt and is rapidly growing into a regional player, thanks to a geographically diversified land bank suitable for the development of a broad range of real estate products all fashioned to reflect the country’s culture as well as the client’s lifestyle and prerequisites.

Currently, ARCO maintains an impressive projects schedule of which 7 are launched, and 8 projects are currently under construction, strategically located nationwide and in the region.

Mission City Stars 

– We aim to be the pioneers of community development in Egypt through developing high-end projects that promote; the existence of self-sufficient communities, focusing on the end quality and services that are specifically tailored for our clients providing an exquisite lifestyle and everlasting comfort and security.

Value City Stars 

– We are aware of the value and the importance of providing close undivided attention to every detail and working within the constraints of time and budget. Absolute commitments to total customer satisfaction and sustained partnership have been the foundation of our success; in addition to that, the expertise and experience of our personnel and in-depth knowledge of local markets have played a key role in our path of success.

– We are committed to the world’s interest in green architectural & environmental consciousness, along with renewable sources of energy and sustainability.

Tel : 01066855502