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Because we understand the paradox that results from desiring a simpler life yet wanting so much more out of it, we have created an environment that brings the best of all worlds and offers you an unrivaled lifestyle, all designed with you in mind. An environment that gives you the possibility to indulge in everything you wish for, without any compromise. At iCity, you are the maker of your choices and you are the master of your destiny. Choose to start your day with a quiet walk in the park and end it at a social gathering and get the best of both worlds by living in utmost privacy yet being part of a community. Yes, at iCity, you can have it all.

A Dream Come True iCity boasts a large and diverse bundle of features, homes and facilities that ensure there is something for everyone, that your every want and that your every need is met, even more that they are exceeded. At iCity, we have created an ideal environment for you, your family and your friends to grow and live happily, and an environment that is customizable and can be personalized at your own request. iCity, a city that is all about you.








A Premium Location Conveniently located five minutes away from the well-known Juhayna Square, two minutes away from the Shooting Club, and three minutes away from Mall of Arabia, iCity is easily accessible through West Cairo’s main roads. Just a few kilometers from the 26th of July axis, it is a short drive from the West Cairo city center and ring road, connecting it to all sides of the capital. iCity is at the heart of 6th October City, minutes away from world-class hospitals and schools as well as everyday conveniences. Pioneering Innovation and Intelligent Design

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I City Master Plan
4D Interface

iCity is proud to introduce the 4D interface, a new invention in the world of master planning. The interface was developed to enhance the user experience by removing any intersection between vehicles and humans, making iCity a safer community that is easily connected, user friendly & personalized. The state of the art 4D architecture weaves four master plans into one: A master plan for the Islands, one for the iDrive, another for the Cornich and a fourth for the parks, all designed to provide you with an enhanced living experience that is more pleasant to the eyes, easier to navigate and safer for the whole family.

Welcome to the future of smart master planning.

The 4D Interface Innovating a Personalized Happy Life The 4D interface is a smart innovation that has been developed based on insights from you, to cater to your preferences, with you at its center. it separates road networks from pedestrian areas creating a safer, pollution free environment for you. It also seamlessly blends nature’s serenity with city center convenience and offers you the benefits of a big city while spoiling you with the exclusivity that comes from living in a small compound.

The Islands, Exclusivity Redefined

Unique to iCity, the Island life concept responds to your needs for exclusivity and security while meeting your desires for convenience and a strong community. As such, we have designed elevated islands for you, an environment unrivaled in privacy and exclusivity with heightened security that is well connected to all of iCity‘s facilities and amenities. At iCity, city—center convenience and utmost privacy go hand in hand.

I Drive,
Safe for All the Family

At iCity, we have reduced road networks by 60%, which means less pollution, more safety and a child—friendly environment, all designed for your wellbeing, to remedy the worries that come from being at close proximity to a downtown like that of Cairo. Unique to iCity, there will be no roundabouts nor crossings, allowing residents to enjoy more greenery and eliminating noise and air pollution. A two-story underground parking located under all residential buildings will ensure you park your car at your doorstep, in a safe parking spot. Road networks, namely the “necklace road system” have been designed to ensure smooth connectivity to all sides of the development; making it a smooth drive for you, should you need to take your car to any corner of the city. i City is a stress—free environment that seamlessly separates vehicles and residents.

The Cornish,
iCity‘s Vibrant

The Cornish is a suspended walkway designed to provide homeowners with a sense of serenity and a variety of social activities in an unconventional setting, and at iCity, it is this type of innovation we consider the norm. From cafes and restaurantsto beautifully landscaped outdoors, it will provide beautiful unparalleled views of iCity‘s signature parks, ensuring that even a simple walk becomes a memorable experience. At iCity, all your moments will be memorable.

Parks, For Every Mood and Every Taste

At iCity, we do things differently. We have used your aspirations as our guidance and accordingly, have developed an environment that responds to your needs today and will continue to respond to your needs as they change over the years. All iCity’s parks are themed and each is different, meeting every resiclent’s needs and allowing them to design a rewarding lifestyle that is uniquely theirs. iCity, where parks beautify your everyday life.

Club Park
The active center of iCity, it is there for those who lead an active lifestyle and for those who practice sports. Featuring excellent sports facilities and top of the line sports academies; Club Park is a haven for sports enthusiasts.

Mountain Park
Indulge in majestic views from an altitude and a fine living experience at Mountain Park, a naturally elevated and leveled land area that is set to offer you a grand experience. Embrace the luxury that comes with 40 meters high views and take in the beauty of the lush greens that you overlook.

Royal Park
European finesse and elegance with year-round sunshine was surreal prior Royal Park.

Today it is a reality.

Classic European designs adorn the manicured gardens at Royal Park,  bringing a Parisian Air to iCity If you are a lover of classic European designs, look no
further, Royal Park is the place for you.

The Creek
Wild vegetation and waterways adorn the surroundings of the creeks. This is a lovely place to explore a rich diversity of plants
and clear your mind-an ideal setting to indulge in a natural environment. Witness all four seasons as the plants change their
colors throughout the year.

Central Park The perfect location for families to gather and kids to play, the central park offers plenty of open spaces for activities as well as shaded structure. At the Central Park you will find islands with premium units over looking the park. Be it for some playground fun or a picnic, the Central Park is set to be a main point of attraction for your outdoor fun!

Mixed Use
Conveniences, eateries and signature boutiques can be found in one place in the Mixed-Use area. Enjoy a stroll on the long strip of Cafe’s, restaurants and outlets overlooking The Creek. Shop in style, catch up with friends over coffee and indulge in the finest of eateries at the Mixed Use area. Connectivity,Bringing Everything Together


At iCity, we have developed a unique, state of the art accessibility system designed to enhance your living experience by making it more personal and exclusive. Through a micro-ship system in car badges and on iBracelets, residents will have private access to their residences and their designated parking areas. Even more, thanks to the iBrace|et, residents will get exclusive star access to the Cornish as well as the membership club of iCityAt iCity, we have designed a lifestyle that is safe, enjoyable and exclusive.

Because You Deserve A Better Life

About Mountain View
Driven by innovation, Mountain View is among Egypt’s leading private property development companies. Specialized in developing first tier residences and resorts, Mountain View boasts over ten projects across Egypt, in some of the country’s most prime locations, including East and West Cairo, the Red Sea Coast and the North Coast. Equally attracting local and international investors, Mountain View upholds international standards of quality and works together with highly qualified engineering and design firms and consultants to deliver projects that innovate to enhance the user experience. Be it a distinct theme, world-class landscaping or the use of the latest technology, Mountain View’s projects are unmatched both in value and in quality. True to its ethos, Mountain View’s work does not end upon completion of its projects. The firm works with top property and community management companies and appoints them as estate managers, so as to ensure thriving livelihoods across all of its developments.

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