witha catchment area of over 40000 people. a suburb the size of SODIC West requires a conveniently located business district to accommodate its growing employee base. not to mention meet the increasing corporate demand for purpose – built office space in West Cairo. in 2009. SODIC West launched The Polygon . its first business park in Westown designed by award – winning architects Wilkinson Eyre. In response to ongoing demands for premium office space. The Portal is now available. offering unique designs and groundbreaking features. completing the Westown Business Park arena.

The demand For upscale office space is continuously on the rise And The Portal is designed to meet that demand through its international-standard business development, offering a myriad 0F office amenities and Flexible areas that cater to all types 01‘ businesses.

With an identity that hinges on three key values: Experience, Netw0rking and Success, The Portal promises unparalleled w0rk experience unprecedented networking opportunities, such that businesses of all sizes may Further grow and succeed



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SODIC West is Shaikh Zayed’s largest mixed-use development, offering the incentives of downtown living away from the hustle and bustle of urban city life.

Twice the size of Zamalek, SODIC West embraces meticulously master-planned, exciting upscale residential, commercial and retail developments such as Allegria, Forty West, Westown Hub, The polygon and The Strip.

With a strategic location, a diverse product offering and an urban vibe, SODIC West is set to be the neighbourhood of choice, Featuring a range of interconnected mixed-use developments such as Forty West, Westown Residences, The Courtyards, The Polygon and Westown Hub, all interwoven with ample green spaces and vibrant walkways.


The 31300 square metre business complex brings forth two premium commercial and retail buildings that boast Class-A office spaces, soon to be bustling with commercial activity From the ground up. it has been designed with Flexible area-offerings to take in all sorts 0f businesses, from global corporations to small enterprises. Extensive landscaping and inviting gardens encompass the Business Park.

They add an invigorating natural dimension, helping employees improve their productivity and Feel wholesome and balanced at the work place.

The Portal ‘5 proximity to the rest of SODIC West’s Facilities offers Business professionals an unrivalled work experience in the heart of Sheikh Zayed’s most progressively dynamic mixed-use development. if you are a resident of any of SODIC West’s neighbourhoods, getting to and from work everyday will most definitely be a walk in the park. both literally and Figuratively. Daily taking the kids to and From school will no longer be considered a chore because BISC and Beverly Hills’American/German Schools are just a Few minutes away From your work place. Medical and Fitness Facilities are also conveniently accessible From the business park as well as from any point in Westown. For residents of Sheikh Zayed City, The Portal along with all Westown’s leisure amenities are accessible within minutes by car.

The p0rtal is more than just a fancy looking office building where employees spend their daily 9-5 at their office. As workplaces become a second home, we’ve ensured you can multitask throughout your day to be as productive as possible. Parking is also hassle-free,with the two-level dedicated underground car park.

IF you ever have to stay up late at the office or work on a weekend, you don’t have to worry about closing hours or limited access to the facility. The Portal is accessiblie 24/7 with The Polygon and the lively Westown Hub nearby keeping you company. Slow Internet at the office is going to be a thing Of the past, For The Portal comes with fibre optic networks installed across the two buildings offering a near instantaneous connection speed.

The Portal is also built to the highest standards of safety, with its Firefighting monitoring system, CCTV and security patrols covering the entire premises. For your personal comfort, health and productivity and For your office equipment to operate properly, there is also a HVAC system to keep the temperature just right.


The Portal was designed with the needs 0f Egypt’s Expanding business community in mind. Its multifaceted structure offers real networking opportunities to all its business  tenants creating otherwise unlikely commercial commercials Opportunities facilitating business interaction in general

Designed  and convenience in mind, there are plenty of out – of – office spaces to socialize. set up assemblies or hold group activities From spacious lobbies to cozy break-out zones and smoking areas.

The portal is the perfect business arena to meet like- minded people who share innovative and inspirational ideas that stimulate success on all ends.

Destined to become one of West Cairo’s most desirable commercial destinations, The Portal possesses the right mix of efficiency and practicality combined with Forward looking architecture and planning.


Downtown Cairo is connected to SODIC West via a number of smooth and newly renovated highways

The 26th of July Mehwar connects the Cairo-Alexandria Road to the heart of Cairo From there in a matter of minutes you reach The Portal. Additionally, the Dahshour Road that connects SODIC West to 6th of October City cutting through Juhayna Square. The recently-Finished, eight-lane highway, Rod el Farag Mehwar also links Westown to downtown Cairo, making the commute Faster, easier and completely hassle-free.

The Portal occupies a strategic location in the northeast end of Westown adjacent to The Polygon. From the North it 0verlooks the Cairo-Alexandria Desert highway, from the South

it oversees the landscaped spine separating it From The Polygon, which begins at the centre of Westown, and courses through the Westown Residences neighbourhood all the way up to Westown Hub. it is also a short walk away From The Courtyards, Forty West and Allegria.


The Portal is comprised of two Seven-storey buildings that blend in with their surroundings, creating a sense of place within the Business Park. The buildings have a special air of modernity and professionalism, designed to reflect the aspirations of Egypt’s present-day business community through a dynamic play between traditional materials and contemporary forms. 

The contrasting pattern of glass, stone and concrete creates interplay between traditional material and modern form. The building’s window placement and Hoar p|ates have been proportioned to provide ideal day-lighting For internal spaces with 60% glazing. In addition, the bay windows give relief to the overall Facade while providing vantage views up and down the Westown Pedestrian Spine. The Facades subtle — almost draping stone Forms redefine the possihmties of traditional materials as a tribute to Egypt’s transforming business community. 

The podium of the buildings contains a variety of tenant layouts including arcaded retail, walkout offices along the rear court, mezzanine and first level offices. The upper levels Feature bigger office spaces to cater For a wider range of enterprises. 

-Each unit is planned For easy and creative personalisation in design and furnishing 

-Plans are designed with minimal non-usable areas 

-Offices have improved access points and circulation routes


Building on a history of more than two decades of successful operation in Egypt, SODIC is one of the country’s leading real estate development companies. Headquartered in Cairo and listed on the Egyptian stock exchange, SODIC brings to the market award-winning large-scale developments, meeting Egypt’s ever growing need tor high quality housing, commercial and retail spaces. We pride ourselves on our passion for excellence and commitment to Fostering long-term relationships with our clients, shareholders, business partners and employees, which has helped us grow to the corporation we are today.


The Portal is one of the most exciting commercial developments to come to SODIC West since The Polygon in 2009. If you would like to know more about The Portal, piease get in touch.

Tel: 01007786800 01066855502