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    In a place where manicured landscapes transcend the looking eye, there is a contemporary and serene community that comes to life

    Designed for lavish comfort and developed for practicality, The residences are the epitome of modern-day living in extravagant community that is full of life by day and peaceful by night


    Find a home to call your own at the exclusive and extravagant The Residences, where next-generation, urban community living blends lavishly with green suburban serenity


    Find your inner peace in a constantly changing world

    Hyde Park has made its home across 6 million square meters in the heart of vibrant New Cairo, flaunting not just its size of acreage, but rather the quality of spaces, designs, landscape and facilities

    As one of the largest mixed-use developments in East Cairo, Hyde Park redefines modern-day living standards and introduces new concepts of integrated communities that are nestled within Mother Nature

    Hyde Park is strategically located in the most thriving location in New Cairo, overlooking, both, Road 90 and the New Ring Road. AUC is just around the corner and Cairo International Airport is a snort 20-minute drive away

    Just like its residents, who seek to find inner peace in a constantly moving world, Hyde Park is within proximity of the city’s bustling streets yet retains an aura of tranquility for its homeowners to retire to at the end of the day

    Discover the next generation of community living …

    Hyde Park’s master plan heralds the next generation of amenity-rich community living that promotes a holistic, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle

    The ingenious and visionary layout integrates constructions with 377 hectares of mixed-use areas; prestigious communities are ingeniously connected by pathways, tunnels and bridges within a picturesque network of panoramic vistas that flow excessively from the Central Park

    The Central Park forms the ideological heart of the development, with its hierarchy of sweeping green spaces flowing excessively into the surrounding areas

    Hyde Park’s designated and differentiated residential zones are enclosed within serene landscapes, rich garden pockets and 7 kilometers of walking, jogging and cycling trails, all of which aim to provide a diverse range of park and landscape experiences


    The Residences, the latest urbanized community within Hyde Park New Cairo, extends across a total area of 39,000 sqm. With its elevation and premium locale, The Residences offer ultimate privacy and tantalizing views of Hyde Park’s surrounding landscapes of lush greenery

    The Residences is situated within proximity of Hyde Park’s main entrance, the Business District and Park Corner

    The neighborhood is easily accessible from Road 90 and runs along Hyde Park’s main road and promenade that are lined with tall trees, lively flora, and neatly trimmed bushes

    Promising extravagant living experiences with a perfect balance between urban grace and suburban tranquility,

    The Residences is definitely a home to call your own

    The road-less community embraces a large landscaped core that’s abundant with manicured lawns and walking trails; the perfect place for kids to play and adults to enjoy an afternoon stroll

    Every homeowner has their own preferences, that’s why The Residences offers units with your choice of an apartment, duplex with a garden, or duplex with a roof Terrace

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