Layan New Cairo Sabbour

Layan New Cairo Sabbour

Layan New Cairo Sabbour Residence France has something for everyone . That is commonly known . and the exquisite compound Layan promises the same . it has something for everyone . it has it all Turn your daily life into magical experience . explore the French culture and heritage . live the fantasy and fly to the land of art and beauty in just a few minutes in New Cairo . Layan is located in the heart of New Cairo . where everything is accessible . and Platinum Club is just around the corner. Layan is built upon 233 acres influenced by the French beauty UNITS Layan Residence Offering 1200 units of villas, twin houses, and townhouses. To...

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أبراج مراكز 6 أكتوبر مول العرب الحكير

كمبوند رمرام بدبي REMMRAM Dubai

90 Avenue New Cairo Compound Tabarak

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