Aeon Towers by MARAKEZ 6 October Mall of Arabia Cairo Cortyard Rooms

MARAKEZ Aeon Towers by MARAKEZ Compound 6 October Mall of Arabia Cairo Cortyard Rooms


Nestled within the vibrant landscape of 6th of October City, the (MARAKEZ Aeon Towers compound by MARAKEZ company in Mall of Arabia) stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting living spaces that inspire growth, elevate experiences, and foster a sense of purpose. Our philosophy revolves around the belief that a home is not just a physical structure, but a canvas upon which individuals can paint their dreams and aspirations.

In the heart of this dynamic city, we are dedicated to curating living environments that transcend the ordinary. Our vision is to create a harmonious blend of urban excitement and suburban tranquility, allowing residents to savor the best of both worlds. At the core of our endeavor is the understanding that where we live plays a pivotal role in shaping our lifestyles, aspirations, and overall well-being.

(MARAKEZ Aeon Towers compound) is more than just a development; it is a testament to our ethos of forward-thinking design and community-centric living. We are driven by the belief that living spaces should not only meet the basic needs of shelter but also empower individuals to rise above their potential. It is with this vision in mind that we meticulously plan and execute every aspect of our projects.

The juxtaposition of urban vibrancy and suburban calm is at the heart of our design philosophy. We recognize the allure of urban living – the pulse of the city, the opportunities it offers, and the connectivity it provides. Simultaneously, we understand the significance of a serene retreat, where one can unwind, reflect, and find solace away from the urban hustle.

At (MARAKEZ Aeon Towers compound), we meticulously curate homes and environments that cater to the diverse needs of modern-day living. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement is evident in every facet of our development. From state-of-the-art facilities and thoughtful green spaces to cutting-edge design and sustainable practices, our goal is to enrich the lives of our residents.

We are not just building structures; we are shaping lifestyles. Our living spaces serve as catalysts for personal and collective growth. They are spaces where families thrive, friendships blossom, and dreams find the space to unfold. Our commitment to crafting these environments stems from our deep understanding of the role they play in enhancing the quality of life.

In conclusion, the (MARAKEZ Aeon Towers compound by MARAKEZ company in 6th of October City Mall of Arabia) stands as a beacon of our commitment to redefining modern living. By harmonizing urban excitement with suburban tranquility, we create living spaces that inspire individuals to reach higher and move forward. As we continue our journey of innovation, we invite you to be a part of a community that celebrates the art of living, the pursuit of dreams, and the joy of belonging.

Tel: 01066855502

Tower Facilities & Systems:

State of the art RFID controlled access cards for an exclusive and private lifestyle

IP Audio/Video Intercom system, IP TV, Telephone & Internet

7 /24  IP closed circuit television system (IP CCTV)

Full automated sprinkler system

Fire alarm and voice evacuation system

Building management system

Chilled water system for central air conditioning

Fresh air supply & kitchen exhaust system

Backup power generator for emergency in public areas

Monitored and managed parking control system

Private storage facilities in underground parking

Garbage chute system

3 Elevators in each tower

Multiple power redundancy features

AEON TOWERS Marakez Compound October

AEON Towers Marakez are the first high-rise residential buildings with an unim peded panoramic view of the city  standing as an iconic landmark of Central West. Offering a new approach to luxurious living, the towers are a beacon to those seeking an urban refuge in a suburban neighborhood. Designed to provide a new standard of contemporary living, the 20 storey buildings accommodate a variety of amenities and each tower is equipped with fully finished condo apartments and luxury penthouses.



AEON Towers residences offer a mature design aesthetic, creating elegant open plan living spaces and floor to ceiling windows that make the most of the panoramic views.


The Sky lounges are the perfect place to meet friends and entertain guests against a glittering city backdrop. Residents can also reserve the space for private functions.


AEON is designed by Machado Silvetti, an award winning globally renowned architecture and urban planning firm famous for its integration of the location’s culture and character into its design. The vision of the firm was to implement a project that belongs to its place but is also part of a global ideal. The AEON  Egypt residential development was conceived as a unitary, well bounded living cell linked together by four different gardens placed along a pedestrian path.


Perfectly situated in the middle of West Cairo, AEON Towers cannot be a more convenient address; only steps away from a major shopping mall, an 8 acre park and a vibrant catering and cultural scene.


150,000 SQM of shopping and dining at Mall of Arabia just a few steps away from AEON Towers. Spanning 8 acres under a canopy of trees, The Park will be one of Cairo’s most beautiful parks, minutes from your door step.


AEON Marakez Egypt is a 21  acre residential complex comprised of four diverse building blocks each with a different type of garden, all connected by a central pedestrian path. Three large courtyards are surrounded by lowrise buildings that are linked together with a promenade leading to AEON Towers. The promenade continues beyond the site’s boundaries leading directly to Mall of Arabia, providing residents with a hypermarket, shops, cinemas and entertainment venues at a walkable distance.


Project Amenities:

Outdoor leisure pool, kids pool & kids area.

Outdoor multipurpose court, tennis court & football pitch

800 meter jogging track

Fenced dog park

Outdoor communal seating area

 Tower Amenities:

24 H attended private residence lobbies

Urban Lounge

Residence Lounge

Indoor gym & squash court

Indoor heated lap pool

Jacuzzi, sauna & steam room

Sky Lounges

Daycare facility

2 storey underground parking


A MEMBER OF FAWAZ AL HOKAIR GROUP MARAKEZ’s vision is to build and manage developments that will be the heart and soul of the communities they serve. Established in 2015 to consolidate multi sector investments of the Saudi based conglomerate Fawaz Al Hokair Group in Egypt, MARAKEZ 6 October has ventured extensively into the Egyptian mixed use, residential & retail, development market. It is currently launching a host of new exciting projects including The Expansion of Mall of Arabia, a new residential & retail project in Katameya, and a number of integrated malls around Egypt


A mixed use, residential & retail, development Strategically situated in the heart of West Cairo, Central West is a destination for people of all ages. A charming environment, strategically located away from city congestion with easy access to main roads and highways.

AEON Egypt Marakez  A 21 acre residential development offering a dynamic living spaces embraced by natural environments.

Mall of Arabia – The ultimate retail experience, entertainment, Cinemaplex and a variety of restaurants.

The Park – Nestled on the heart of Mall of Arabia’s Expansion that has fitness zones, play areas and outdoor dining.

The Food Hall – featuring a wide variety of the finest and most unique culinary experience.

Tel: 01066855502

كمبوند ابراج ايون مراكز مول العرب فواز الحكير ب 6 اكتوبر أيون 

تشطيب فاخر خامات مستوردة شامل تكييف مركزي واي فاي تحكم وغلق اوتوماتيك في حالات الحريق والطوارئ 3 مصاعد منهم واحد مخصص للعفش خدمات فندقية ريسيبشن ومكتب استقبال في مدخل كل برج مساحات من 100 متر الى 600 متر مقدم 10% والباقي على 6 سنوات أو مقدم 20% والباقي على 7 سنوات ملحوظة  خصم الكاش 25% أبراج مدهشة أرضي + 21 متكرر من مراكز فواز الحكير

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