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Ramadan Packing: SODIC employees came together again this year to prepare 500 Ramadan staple bags and successfully distributed them across upper Egypt

Ramadan Salary Drive: SODIC ran its annual salary drive, matching employees donations and directing them to the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation and The National Cancer Institute

Tawasol: With Sodic  constant support, Tawasol was able to sustain the education of 83 students, all of which have passed their exams in the academic year 2017/2018

This year Tawasol launched its first permanent outlet for its handmade products at Mall of Arabia

Tawasol participated in several exhibitions in 2018 to increase exposure and sales, building on their online store launched last year with the support of SODIC

Tawasol held this year’s performance “Ramadan Retro ll” on the 9th of June at the Modern English School. The event showcased the children of lstabl Antar’s drama, singing and acrobatic skills in a nostalgic play commemorating Ramadan’s different iconic “ fawazeer ”. The show was attended by actresses Laila Elwy and Hend Sabry amongst others and was received with a standing ovation

Alongside the event Tawasol displayed its handmade summer collection of fashion and home products with unprecedented quality

Tel: 01007786800 / 01227517085 / 01000065053