SODIC EDNC Office and Retail in new Cairo

SODIC EDNC Office and Retail complex located in New Cairo


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SODIC EDNC is a dynamic office and retail complex located in New Cairo, that marks an important transition between urban space and landscape.

The design took a highly creative, playful yet a professional approach to set the scene for this leisure/business destination. Its strategic location captures the civic heart of New Cairo, leaving a positive

legacy for the region.


The office buildings‘ form is composed of a cantilevered 4-storey buildings elevated on a clear see through glass base, enhancing the visual connectivity and accessibility with the central piazza.

The piazza is designed to encourage the concept of an informal working environment within the professional setting.


SODIC EDNC will be home to some of Cairo’s finest restaurants, lounges and cafes As well as top brands and boutiques situated among a pedestrian friendly

environment embellished with beautiful greenery.

Where else would anyone enjoy a small family&  friends gathering or a relaxing lunch break with colleagues.


EDNC SODIC is located in New Cairo’s most strategic area, which is directly on road 90, immediately adjacent to the American University in Cairo (AUC) and a twenty minute drive away from the Cairo International Airport.

Tel: 01007786800


EDNC SODIC being located on one of the vibrant roads of New Cairo, the architectural design of the project is reflecting this fast paced experience not only through its dynamic modern architectural form but also through the inflowing urban design.

The complex follows an introverted urban layout, 8 buildings are designed overlooking a central piazza that is directly linked to the main spine of the adjacent retail hub.

The focal piazza inspire the idea of outdoor meetings through providing an encouraging environment within the professional setting of the business park.


The architecture of the facade reflects the idea of “diversity within unity” which could be perceived through its composition.

The buildings’ facade design is a dynamic play between a harmonious

grids intersected by an abstract set of cut-outs.

The unorthodox positioning of the cut-outs creates vantage points for each building reflecting its uniqueness while maintaining a sense of unity within the entire complex.


Given that a more energy efficient building correlates to a more efficient and productive work environment. The design is energy efficient in itself.

The merge of the protruding gridded ribs, acting as a shading device, intersected by a double glazed curtain wall, Both elements are working together to reduce the thermal transfer through the building.

Therefore, the building’s form and its skin strategy have been proportioned to provide an ideal day-lighting through an optimum organization of office space to encourage a more healthy and productive environment.

Tel: 01007786800