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Meet the Partners Entrada

After achieving a trustworthy, and well recognized position in the real estate development, architecture and retailing field in the middle east,

the founders of Sorouh have decided to share their expertise in the construction domain with the Egyptian society through an array of projects,

starting with an integrated mix use landmark at the New Capital Entrada


The Definition of a Sweet Spot – The New Capital Distant from the city congestion yet connected through a web of substantial routes

Reach for the shades of joy in a compound facing Expo Exhibition” Five minutes away from The green river” Proximal to the British University

Few steps away from the Administrative Building” Stroll in 25km walking paths that connect you with every spot in town  The Power of Design A replica of the European style of spacious buildings Embraced by magnificent areas of greenery and lakes Delivering sceneries to all units individually

Variety of units to suit all tastes

كمبوند سيناريو شركه اكام بالعاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

الشقق تبدأمن 120 الي 190 متر
الدوبلكس يبدأمن 240 الي 280 متر
الاستلام بعد 3 سنوات ونصف
نصف تشطيب بدون مقدم علي 6 سنوات
7% مقدم والباقي علي 7 سنوات
25%مقدم والباقي علي 10 سنوات بدون فوائد
السعر يبدأ من 9500 الي 11000
72 فدان منطقه R7 بالقرب من شارع محمد بن زايد والنهر الأخضر امام

expo city
ارضي و 6 ادوار وارضي و7 ادوار
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