The Loft New Capital R7 new Compound

The Loft New Capital R7 new Compound


NEW CAPITAL (The Loft New Capital)

The Developer LIVING YARDS

LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS is entering the Egyptian market with a new inspiring vision, Introducing a unique concept to the real estate market. Practical Luxury the mix of value for money with lavishness and diversity with luxury. A new trend setter in the market where compromises don’t exist .

LIVING YARDS is a grand addition to the world of real estate that subscribes to the mantra of thinking the unthinkable with the sole purpose of satisfying the unmet needs of our customers, through applying a novel methodology in delivering all of its projects.

The location The Loft New Capital

About The New Capital:

The New Capital is built on new urban standards with high infrastructure. It succeeded to combine the seamless blend of class and convenience through having all the essential facilities such as; international airport, 2000 educational institutions, theme parks, artificial lakes and the new major central park.

The New Capital is set to be Egypt’s new administrative and financial capital; consisting of 21 residential districts and hosting the country‘s new main government departments, ministries and foreign embassies.

The New Capital is expected to be Cairo’s most vibrant destination. It is built on a vast space of 184,000 acres with 660 hospitals and 40,000 hotel rooms. 70% of the capital’s space is covered by the global information network.

The New Capital has 91 Square Kilometers of solar energy farms to generate power in a conventional way. It is an independent city that has all necessary facilities including a cathedral and mosque.

Understanding The Loft New Capital CCDP:

It is a process where a product or service is developed based on an in-depth customer understanding.

The process is designated to help offer the customer tangible benefits which they have been on the lookout for. It is where the voice of the customer is heard through a thorough system that only aims for customer satisfaction. Not only in the beginning of the process, but also throughout the whole journey.

An extensive research has been conducted by AC Nielsen to determine what the customer really needs while looking for their dream home and this is where THE LOFT comes from.

Mastered The Plan (The Loft New Capital)

THE LOFT was put together by Dar Al Mimar Architects (DMA) Callison for Architecture. Mastering details was key to finally bring us a compound that bursts with fine architecture while offering a deluge of amenities and services that solve almost all of our problems.

Scenery and view have been made to surround the whole compound as 100% of buildings directly overlook the park The commercial area of the compound offers an exquisite shopping experience to residents.

Near Enough

THE LOFT boasts an enigmatic location in The New Capital which is 25 Kilometers away from Fifth Settlement. THE LOFT overlooks the amenities area of the New Capital and lies between Expo and diplomatic areas.

THE LOFT is 10 minutes away from the massive green river.

There is no need to worry about Cairo‘s traffic congestion while you are there, because the New Capital has a monorail that connects it with Nasr City and New Cairo and hence it combats the traffic ordeal in Egypt.There is also High Speed Train that will connect the New Capital with 6 th of October City also with Ain-El-Sokhna.

The Compound  (The Loft New Capital)

THE LOFT is LIVING YARDS‘ first project located in the New Capital, extended on a surface of 23 acres and offering real lofts in luxurious buildings with Post Modern British Architecture.

Luxury is a state of great comfort where there is no roof for imagination; fantasies become the only dominant thing.

THE LOFT is a world where imagination meets real life. It is the perfect harmony between fanciness and practicality, to effectively achieve the desired picture for your place. THE LOFT is what we call a dream enabler.

Customize Your Loft New Capital

THE LOFT New Capital  is the only place where customers can have the luxury of customizing their own space and rework their room allocation as they see fit. Believing that our customers’ different preferences should never be restrained with walls, as nothing can dictate their choices anymore‘

(The Loft New Capital) is a compound where all units are adaptable open space, taking inspiration from the British lofts that have no walls and could be divided as desired. However, there are 3 ready made plans that are also very customizable.

(The Loft New Capital) is a place where everything is customizable whether it is the space or finishing.