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Aeon Towers Marakez

WELCOME TO Aeon Towers Marakez  AEON MARAKEZ 6 October Compound

At MARAKEZ we believe in living spaces that drive people forward and upward. That is why we are developing homes and environments that strike the ideal balance between the thrill of urban life and the serenity of suburban living.

AEON TOWERS Compound October

AEON Towers are the first high-rise residential buildings with an unim peded panoramic view of the city  standing as an iconic landmark of Central West. Offering a new approach to luxurious living, the towers are a beacon to those seeking an urban refuge in a suburban neighborhood. Designed to provide a new standard of contemporary living, the 20 storey buildings accommodate a variety of amenities and each tower is equipped with fully finished condo apartments and luxury penthouses.

ابراج ايون مراكز مول العرب فواز الحكير ب 6 اكتوبر تشطيب فاخر خامات مستوردة شامل تكييف مركزي واي فاي تحكم وغلق اوتوماتيك في حالات الحريق والطوارئ

3 مصاعد منهم واحد مخصص للعفش خدمات فندقية ريسيبشن ومكتب استقبال في مدخل كل برج المساحات من  100 متر الى 600 متر

مقدم 10% والباقي على 6 سنوات أو مقدم 20% والباقي على 7 سنوات ملحوظة خصم الكاش 25%

تحميل 15% نسبة المباني 17% أرضي + 19 متكرر اجمالي 3 أبراج

Marakez 6 October-Aeon Towers 6 October